By Khushbu Malik

LED lighting became popular in recent years due to its demand from buyers who are finding these equipments more efficient in many ways. In lighting under cabinets, different lighting fixtures can be applied as to its light output, color, distribution and other factors.

One very important point to consider in looking for lighting fixtures under cabinets is to consider over all costs. Perhaps LED fixtures are more expensive when initial costs is considered simply because it is a new technology compared to traditional lighting like fluorescent. But as with any new technology, prices go down eventually when production becomes higher than demands. Total cost of course includes installation fees of course.

Though initial costs are more expensive, in the long run, LED fixtures are cheaper in terms of power consumption and replacement costs. Normally, you do not need to replace LED fixtures in 10 years time as compared to traditional lighting fixtures. So in final assessment, the total lifecycle cost is cheaper by two points as mentioned earlier.

Maybe one of the negative aspects of LED fixture is light level. Normally with either fluorescent or incandescent lights, you have enough light for your cabinets. A LED fixture will need to have a series of high powered LED lights in order to cover a certain area. However, when it comes to uniformity and end surface reproduction of lights, LED fixtures is incomparable to that of traditional lights.

Lighting color is also an advantage of LED fixtures as they tend to produce more crisp white where others cannot. Basically, this is a very good attribute in that it will be able to reflect true color of what is basically enlightened. LED colors are also interchangeable perfect for discos or for any decorative purposes for lighting your under cabinets.

The best way to find out or even compare lighting colors is to go to showrooms and see the effect of all lighting fixtures. Even many manufacturers claim true white color, it is best to see it for yourself and make the decision which one is whiter than the other.

Although LED bulbs are promised a 50,000 hours lifetime, it is still subjected to heat and design installations. When there is no proper ventilation, heat is easier to produce hence shortening its life cycle. Proper management is always necessary even with any equipment so plan your LED fixture installation properly in order to enjoy a lasting effect.

One of the other reasons to consider when acquiring LED fixtures is warranty. You do not want to accept a warranty of two years when you know the lifespan of this new technology can reach more than five years. Extended warranties are also good although who knows what will be the price of these equipments in the next five years? You might need to think twice on an extended warranty when it is offered.

Rest assured, replacement parts are now readily available but it is good to know that it will take years even before you need to replace a bulb and by that time, it will be a lot cheaper. It is also good to hope that perhaps you will need the replacement before your warranty so in that way, you doubled your discount from your very friendly supplier.

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