By Rakesh Sharma Jack

An Excellent Article Writer Knows Their Readers

Last month I wrote an interesting article on “How to Become a Good Article Writer and Earn HUGE Money?”…here comes another one…

When it comes to being a successful article writer the first aspect you need to take into consideration is a thorough understanding of your readers. If you are an article writer who is writing for a blog or a newspaper of some sort, you need to have a clear understanding of target market, like what your readers actually want to read and then supply them with what they want—on time, every time!

That means your writing should be clear, crisp and concise i.e. a sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences. Believe me if you can do this seemingly simple task you are on your way to become a successful article writer within no time.

So, before you actually start writing, you need to have your readers in mind. A good article writer knows well in advance what kind of people he or she is writing to and why. If you are writing about politics, then you need to target a certain political group of people or readers who enjoy politics. No just politics, economics or science but any type of writing you wish to continue; you need to always consider your readers first. If you are an article writer who is just writing about random subjects without coherency and smooth flow then you are going to have some trouble keeping your reader’s attention. And, if you are not able to grab their attention, you will not be able to grab their business and finally money this way.

So if you wish to become a perfect article writer, then you need to write about what you know better than others, and write about what people want to read. If you have a blog all set up and ready to go then make sure your blog is consistent. This will help you develop a strong following of loyal readers, and you can expand your blog from there. As long as you know what people want to read about, and you know how to tackle that subject, you should be in pretty good shape as a successful article writer.

In addition to that if you can add a little bit of personal touch to your writing, so that your readers are able to correlate themselves with you or your context, your battle is half won already. Once they start correlating themselves with your or your context they will eventually want to know you even better. They will come almost daily or whenever their schedule will permit to your blog to know what else you have to say.

In sum, a good article writer knows how to pull in their readers and keep them hooked. Your writing style as an article writer is going to set you apart from the crowd, which will enable you to pull in the most readers, and in turn pull in more money, or you will just go along with the crowd, and get the same amount of readers that every other article writer gets. Find your style, find your edge, create a writing technique that will allow you to grab your reader’s attention, and from there you could be on the road to success!

Last but not least, remember being an article writer is neither an easiest job to have nor you can expect overnight success; whereas it is definitely a hard nut to break from the outside. You can’t measure the deepness of sea without entering in it. However, if you have the talent and the determination to be a good article writer then you have nothing to lose by giving it your best shot. Test the waters out with a simple blog, and see what type of readers you can get. As long as you have a good head on your shoulders and you are aware of the world around, you can pull in your readers quite easily. Do your research and homework to find out what people want to read, why they want to read that, what other alternatives available in market are and then write about it in a way that no one else has written it.

I remember what Jacques Barzun once said, “Look for all fancy wordings, and get rid of them.”…absolutely because good writing is not just about using all those jargons and/or even fancy wordings but using what your readers want to read.

Believe me folks, if you can do it, no one can stop you becoming a successful article writer

All the best!

Rakesh Sharma “Jack” is a freelance copywriter, SEO writer and eBook expert based in India with more than 10 years of experience. He has written dozens of eBooks, hundreds of research reports and thousands of articles on various topics. To know more about him and his services, please visit:

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