By Rakesh Sharma Jack

In the event of a disaster occurring when you are caught up in an emergency situation, food may be hard to come by and water may be contaminated. In an attempt to provide victims caught up in emergencies with proper nutrition and supply adequate liquid supplement the US Coast Guard recommends, as an absolute minimum, 2400 calories for each person, produced as a food bar, to last three days. Most food rations are prepared as a 3600 calorie food bar, carefully prepared under supervision and guaranteed to meet both Halal and Kosher approval.

These emergency food rations are 100% FDA approved, with the recommended levels of vitamins and minerals. Each individual meal replacement consists of 9 x 400 calorie meals, with each bar weighing 76g. The actual formulae taste of vanilla/lemon, with appropriate satiety factors, does not contain nuts, coconut, tropical oils or added cholesterol to acerbate any allergic responses and each 3600 calorie food bar is fully ready for use in any emergency situation.

The actual formula contains the optimal nutrients required, including 46 g carbohydrates, 23g of total fats of which saturated fats constitute 7g, and a combination of mono-saturates adding up to 29g. 3g Protein is included, with 23mg sodium [salt]. Other constituents include 2g dietary fibre and 14 g sugars. Sufficient liquid has been included for adequate rehydration extra water is not required to prepare the 3600 calorie food bar for consumption. Other essential nutrients included are Vitamin A and C, calcium and iron.

Each survival bar is baked with flour enriched with vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, B6, B12, Niacin, Iron, and Folic Acid. Calcium and phosphorous are also added. The shortening used to mix the flour is partially hydrogenated soybean with cottonseed oils. For flavouring granulated sugar, corn starch and corn syrup are used, together with completely natural lemon flavouring. Supplementary artificial flavourings have also been added to provide the buttery and the vanilla flavours. Naturally, to ensure the 3600 calorie food bar does not spoil, various preservatives have needed to be included, such as the natural antioxidant Gamma/Delta Tocopherol. Artificial food colourings used are Tartrazine, FD & C Yellow 5, and FD & C Red 40.

Thee survival packs, specially formulated for the victims of the world’s cataclysms, have a shelf life of a minimum of five years, with hermetically sealed edges in a material resistant to oxidation. Both the hermetic seal and the decay-proof packaging have been approved by the USCG and conform to the MIL-131 Barrier Materials’ Standards and the Department of Defence. The actual 3600 calorie food bar formulae themselves have been designed to withstand extremes of temperatures from both ends of the spectrum, from -22 degrees F to +149 degrees F.

Food for Thought: Most of the time we are so engrossed in our daily routine that we hardly get time to think about unusual events, emergencies and disasters. They may come in any form, sometimes they are easily predictable while most of the times they are highly unpredictable. As generally seen, hurricanes and floods are some common natural disasters which give us advance notice or warnings, but other natural disasters and calamities give us no such warning sign like earthquakes and tornadoes. Some common occurrences like fires and attacks etc. can occur anytime, anywhere, so in such situations we may have to face several emergencies and challenges. These emergencies and challenges can overwhelmed not just you and your family but your clients, your business, your distant friends and even business partners residing in the affected areas. As a little gesture to the mankind, I have written several articles on this topic. Here you can learn about useful tips and techniques about disaster management and emergency preparedness.

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