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Dealing with and avoiding risks is revealed in the concept of 72 hour emergency preparedness. In other words, the fact that you are prepared to survive for 72 hours in the case of an emergency occurrence means you have taken control of a situation that could have gone out of control. Emergency kits containing MREs, and Roadwise Emergency Kits amongst others are designed to provide everything you are likely to need in an emergency to last 72 hours, covering the initial critical period when you are most likely to need emergency supplies. As an example, the auto 72 hour kits consist of 30 pieces, from a 9-piece socket set to electrical tape and retails for around US$35.00. Family-sized 72 hour kits include sanitation and water purification tablets, first-aid requirements, food and lighting – sufficient for a family for up to 72 hours. These 72 hour kits for a family costs around US$257.36 each (however, their price may vary with the place and market)

The focus on the two persons 72 hour kits preparedness by ReadyWise are both functional and portable, and they are available at a great price. This kit provides food bars and an MRE for each person for each day, plus a supply of water for 72 hours and purification tablets for extra supplies of water and polycarbonate water bottles. The whole 72 hour kits preparedness pack is fitted into a backpack, with several other little items such as cell phone charger, respirator masks, first aid supplies etc. Other items are included for the price of $312.22.

First, you need to obtain a 72 hour kit and then ensure you keep it up-to-date, as it is very essential for your survival. You need to ensure you purchase a generic one from a reputable source: after all, you don’t know what type of disaster you may face and when. In the US it could be anything from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires or even, as already has happened, terrorism. It could even be deep and persistent snow storms as is currently the case in North America, with many people stranded.

Though, it is called a 72 hour kit, you could actually live on this, with care, for up to 10 days. A single person’s 72 hour kit is only appropriate if you are a single person. You need to ensure that you cater for the whole family, i.e. a family of four would need 4 x 72 hour kits preparedness. There is little point in having beautifully complete 72 hour kits and then not being able to find it when you need it practically. A 72 hour kit needs to be kept in a portable container near the door or even in the backyard where it is easily accessible.

Your 72 hour kits preparedness procedure needs to contain sufficient food, water and clothing for entire family. Not only this, but it should have additional items such as personal documents and extra clothing all kept within waterproof coverings so they don’t become damp and mildewed. As you have an individual kit for each family, you need to include individual personal items to each family member. You also need to remember to keep a source of light near the top of your 72 hour kit.

So what happens if you don’t need to use your 72 hour kit? Every six months you need to rotate the food and water, and make sure that any clothes packed for children still fit them, even if the clothes are re-cycled down to fit younger members. Batteries, warm packs and light sticks also need to be checked on a regular basis. Remember to put bottles, pacifiers and diapers, and anything else to make life for each family member a little easier during a potential difficult time.

All the best…now you are prepared!

Food for Thought: Most of the time we are so engrossed in our daily routine that we hardly get time to think about unusual events, emergencies and disasters. They may come in any form, sometimes they are easily predictable while most of the times they are highly unpredictable. As generally seen, hurricanes and floods are some common natural disasters which give us advance notice or warnings, but other natural disasters and calamities give us no such warning sign like earthquakes and tornadoes. Some common occurrences like fires and attacks etc. can occur anytime, anywhere, so in such situations we may have to face several emergencies and challenges. These emergencies and challenges can overwhelmed not just you and your family but your clients, your business, your distant friends and even business partners residing in the affected areas. As a little gesture to the mankind, I have written several articles on this topic. Here you can learn about useful tips and techniques about disaster management and emergency preparedness.

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