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Do you wish to build your PageRank? Do you have lower Google PageRank? Are you confused how to build Google PageRank? You have heard Google PageRank but don’t really understand it? There can be thousands of such questions that always strike the minds of every website owner or blogger. Due to its utmost importance for site ranking and search engine optimization, nowadays building a PageRank seems to be the first choice for every website owner. 

Due to its popularity and importance for better search engine ranking there would be hardly anybody who hasn’t heard about Google PageRank. In simple words PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by the Google. Actually Google assigns a numerical value from 0-10 based upon the importance of that webpage. The basis on which this numerical weightage or value is assigned to each element of a hyperlinked set of document on a website.

The heart of art and science of technology is “PageRank” system. So if a site or webpage has more PageRank then it is more seen in the search result. This system was formulated by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The page ranking technique has been strengthening every part of search engines for quite some time now. In real meaning it increases link’s recognition and ranking through search engines.  Previously experts used to focus only at the content of articles, but now both gears became mandatory to gain high ranking for a webpage. In general, Page Rank is termed as PR value.

Google’s PageRanking is determined by the order of WebPages displaying in the search results. Hundreds of different criteria are responsible for the search result. It is calculated by Google’s algorithms. This algorithm is …..

Relevance to Search Term x Page Rank = Search Ranking

If your webpage and a rival webpage have the same relevance to search term, then Google’s PageRank will determine the order of display in Google’s search results. Before knowing steps of building PageRank we must understand in short what is PageRank? It is the no. of incoming links connecting to a webpage. Page ranking system evaluates a webpage through link structure holed by it.

These link structures are classified into two categories.
1. Inbound-Link: It is the link coming directly from other websites, without placing any indicator link there.

2. Outbound-Link: It is the link which also comes from other sites, but after placing an outbound-link back into other sites.

Here although both type of link connection are essential for the PageRank of a webpage. But inbound-link connection is more weighed-up, because it is more difficult to obtain inbound or one-way link connection.

Below we are discussing a few useful instructions for building of PageRank:

1. Linking method for quick recovery of higher PageRank: It is nothing but placing a link back in the other higher page ranking websites. Although there are some sites which are free, but it takes very long time in the approval of link. However to get started initially you can use paid sites for this.

2. Always be careful, while going to hire a link back: Remember; always choose those websites which have higher PR value (like PR4, PR5, PR6, PR7 etc).  But this PR value should be of whole site (other than home page).

3. Placing link into the directory: Similar to site, we can put link back (or reciprocal link) into the popular web directories or article submissions directories such as ezinearticles, articlesbase, article dashboard etc. If the owners of those sites approve requests, they might put your link into their directory for free of cost (may take a few weeks). While few of directory are paid (take 7 official days)

4. Updating your site with distinctive content: If you keep updating your site with distinctive content regularly, then it is 100% sure that regular visitor will increase your site’s PageRank automatically. Perhaps this is one of the best and cheapest ways to build PageRank of your website.

5. Interconnection of links within site: If you want your site visitor to stay longer there, then create an interlinking system of all articles (written by you) within your site.

6. Build a sitemap of your site: After creating sitemap for each search engine (where you want to get index), submit those all to their concerning search engine.  Through these sitemap you can see the statistics of PageRank.

7. Exchanging link with other web vendor: It is just exchanging of link back with other site owners.  It is a good way of improving PageRank, but to avoid several potential problems and threats always make sure it is free of cost.

8. Be in regular touch with your website: To see the statistics of site within analyzer, you should be in regular touch of site.

Dear friends, if you keep using above tips, it is guaranteed that you will find remarkable improvement in the PageRank of your website.

Rakesh Sharma “Jack” is a freelance copywriter, SEO writer and eBook expert based in India with more than 10 years of experience. He has written dozens of eBooks, hundreds of research reports and thousands of articles on various topics. To know more about him and his services, please visit:

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