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The medical community has long proffered that exercise and diet are two factors that greatly impact health. Due to several research studies, we know that the benefits of adding exercise to your dietary regimen will reduce the risk of serious diseases. Recently, a study by the World Cancer Research Fund revealed that risk of contracting heart disease and cancers may be reduced by as much as eighty percent when exercise is incorporated into a healthy diet.

Two studies, both completed in the late 1990’s, revealed that less than four out of every ten adults maintained an exercise regimen. Another medical study in 2003 found that more than seventy-six percent of women and sixty-four percent of all men were sedentary. The combination of a sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary habits indicate the causation of obesity in society today. People who are labeled as obese have a body mass index (BMI) of thirty points or higher. A person is considered to be in their normal weight range if their BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9, with a rating of 25 to 29.9 being labeled as overweight.

Incorporating a daily exercise regimen of any degree will positively impact your health.
We all know that healthy eating habits, such as those prescribed in the South Beach Diet, will assist in maintaining one’s optimum weight. What is essential to acknowledge is that exercise on a regular basis is just as crucial. The physical activity of exercising increases the body’s metabolic rate. This enables the body to “burn off” blood sugar (glucose) more rapidly. Using the fuel that has been consumed prevents that storage of caloric intake as added weight. An exercise regimen that includes elevating the cardio pulmonary activity will intensify the metabolic effect.

Your target heart rate during exercise should be an elevation of sixty to eighty percent of your maximum heart rate. This can be calculated by subtracting your heart rate at rest from your maximum heart rate, and multiplying the result by sixty and then eighty percent. The lower number is your minimum rate during exercise, with the higher value being your maximum target heart rate. You may also utilize one of the many target heart rate calculators available on the internet to determine your goal rate during exercise.

Weight loss goals are more difficult to achieve without the addition of exercise. A sedentary lifestyle, regardless of dietary regimen, will burn fewer calories per day. To achieve your desired weight in a condensed period of time, you must add some measure of exercise. It is true that lean muscle mass burns more calories, but muscle mass alone, without increased cardio exercise, will not achieve weight loss.

The optimum combination for achieving weight loss is an exercise program that incorporates the rotation of cardiovascular exercise and muscle building. To increase muscle mass and reduce body fat, a healthy diet is mandatory. The person’s lifestyle must feature all of these components to produce the desired caloric burn when attempting to lose weight. The incredible success people have discovered with the South Beach Diet is exponentially improved by the addition of a suitable training program.

A suitable training program is individually determined. A person who is extremely unfit or carrying an abundance of excess weight should not spontaneously jump into a strenuous regimen of physical exercise. The approach should be one of a gradual building of exercise intensity over a period of time.

Most experts agree that walking is an excellent platform from which to begin your exercise program. The goal should be that your time walking increase daily till you are attaining a level equivalent to ten thousand steps taken per day. Additionally, your muscle building or toning exercises should commence using minimum additional weights. Start with small, one pound hand or ankle weights. You can cause serious injury to yourself if you are severely out of shape by overdoing it at the onset of your exercise program.

If you have been working out and are in moderate shape, increasing your level of exercise activity and weight training will increase your metabolism. It is important to note that performing the exact same exercise routine over time will eventually limit the weight loss results. It is imperative to vary the type and duration of your exercise routines to maintain optimum metabolic levels. Any certified professional trainer will advise that to keep fit and maintain weight you must modify your workouts and continue with a healthy diet.

Adjust your exercise regimen to rotate between various types. For example, take a brisk long distance walk on the first day, then work the upper body on day two, thirty minutes of cardio on an elliptical machine for day three, lower body weight training on day four, and so on. After two to three weeks, change the exercise routine again. If you persist with your healthy eating habits as outline in the South Beach Diet, and increase your participation in a varied exercise program, you will achieve a state where weight loss is accomplished.

Although you may lose weight without adding exercise, it will take longer than with the additional of physical activity. If your goal also includes achieving an optimized state of health and well-being, involvement in physical exercise is mandatory. Exercise, when done on a routine basis, improves stamina, enhances your flexibility, promotes weight loss, prevents disease and improves strength and muscle tone. Assimilating an exercise program into your lifestyle will lengthen your years of mobility. Everyone has heard the cliché, “use it or lose it”, and this is applicable to every organ and muscle group in your body. Failure to exercise pulmonary organs and muscle groups can eventually lead to debilitating diseases as we age.

As outlined here, the benefits found when combining a regular exercise routine and adopting the strategy of the South Beach Diet, are many. The only way to obtain optimized metabolic rates, a recommended weight and achieve the most advantageous level of physical well being is to blend a level of daily exercise into your daily activities.

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