Effective article writing includes creating a buzz in the networking scene, as it is a crowded market place with lots of noise and jostling, and not to be overlooked the most vital part i.e. stiff competition! Any lag can find you being scrolled down the timeline.

Attention grabbing titles, ‘Screaming headlines’ or catchy tags are the order of the day as they are the compelling force that drags people to the actual page. Just like banners proclaiming the irresistible bargain, keywords should be prominently placed so as to attract the search engines and the human eye.

Knowing your readers is the backbone of feature article writing. As the web audience scan read and somersault from one content to another, article writers should always be action-oriented and words should be driving actions! The killer content for any advertising marketing article is ‘YOU’ as every word should help the reader to make the right step towards a purchase, or at least a subscription. Experts advocate on writing effectively by communicating your thoughts and keeping the content short and simple.

As article marketing deals with links and connection, never leave your readers at a dead end. Penning your words by putting right content in the right context, leading a paragraph with a good factual sentence and summarizing with punchy lines helps to highlight your article.

Line by line, page by page, article writers weave their identity which effectively culminates into business opportunities for the Internet Marketers. Therefore, the gravity of the assignment should be understood and interesting headlines, a good start and a visual appeal should be the watchwords in your every article writing task.

An informal and personal style of article writing helps readers to relate to you and understand the article writer’s perspective. Some readers have more thirst for information so it is absolutely necessary to take care that links are embedded.

These links also help to add credibility to your views, your site content and your arguments! Bullets and numbering of points also help readers to quickly scan the content and ensures in your article capturing readers’ interest.

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