Article marketing necessarily means spreading our unique thoughts and messages through a targeted content. Effective article marketing strategy comes in when content is created knowing exactly what you want to achieve. Novices might randomly create articles and might see success in getting content and traffic but in terms of conversion, no good results will be showcased. The irony is that when we ourselves do not have a definite idea of what to do with our content, isn’t it foolhardy to expect our visitors to do so! In short it is like throwing darts in the darkness with a hope to hit the bull’s-eye.

If you are on a search for good article marketing promotion and strategies put away the treasure map and search no further. Silent Sam! I would like to show you the pot of gold! Keyword optimization is the key that boosts your rankings in top search engines and also siphons thousands of visitors to your site.

Proper keyword researches on the exact terms and phrases people use when searching for something is critical. A good benchmark that article writers have to do is to target keywords using the ‘phrase match’ search. Top search engines only exhibit a maximum of 1000 keyword search results so the fewer the number of pages indexed, the lesser the competition and the better the chances for top ranking!

Strategic placement of the keywords in an organic way and maintaining the AIDA concept in article writing i.e. attention, interest, desire and action, helps attract targeted traffic. A compelling resource box is where the action starts as most article directories generate links only from the resource box. Visitors can be informed that your website is a storehouse of related information and links can be embedded. Writing convincing, powerful and action oriented resource box comments is nothing less than a perfect combination of art and science that can be learned by trying, doing mistakes, learning from others and lastly by way of attaining more experience in this field.

The main trick of the trade is without sounding too salesy or aggressive, you can give enough reasons and justifications to make your visitors believe that they are at the right place and then ask them subtly to visit your website. Physically you can’t be there to ask them to visit your website but if you plucked the right string emotionally then they will definitely visit your website, ask their friends and even would bookmark your webpage. This is where actual success lies. This is what creates the real difference. Period!

Another powerful and effective article marketing promotion strategy is to submit your rewritten articles in high profile directories with good ranking and traffic. Article spinning technology is a golden nugget that is waiting to be mined to its optimum capacity (those who really understand the power of spinning are the ones who believe that it works and has endless possibilities). Care should be taken to meet the compelling call of well spun articles. It is a common cause of complaint the publishers always have about the low quality spinners which are utter gibberish and in their term ‘word salad’! So never ever think like that you can fool around people or even search engines. Be creative and experiment to see what works the best and keep learning.

Back links are valuable article marketing promotional tools that pay interest again and again. The market is flooded with automated software that may help in submitting the articles to hundreds of online directories, but nothing beats the power of manual submission where you follow their guidelines trictly and monitor results closely. And this in turn, helps in ranking high in the search engines because of the traffic created by the tons of back links. Moreover, billions of hungry webmasters and blog masters flock towards the well placed, well ranking and well written content, so participate actively in responding to their comments, online discussion forums and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Keep visiting this page for more information in future. Soon I will be posting some more useful article writing and article marketing tips. Stay tuned :)

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