In simple words, SEO oriented directories refer to websites that consist of varied links to other sites. They specialize in linking other websites and webpages to your website, and thus help taking your inbound marketing campaign to the next level, which has become an utmost important part of any marketing campaign these days. There are various web directories that allow other website owners to promote their websites. They are also called as “article submission websites” or “article web directories”.

Similarly, social media marketing and social bookmarking help you put your links on several high-quality, high-traffic bookmarking websites, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. with millions of dedicated visitors everyday. Due to a large number of high quality articles and search engine optimized content posted by different experts in their respective field, it is really easy to give good exposure to your web pages in the most cost efficient manner in the limited time using such platforms.

Over here, you can talk about several benefits of your products and services, educate people, and can also add backlinks to your website in HTML format. Most of them are WYSWYG (what you see is what you get) so anyone without any technical knowledge can post their articles with call-to-action oriented resource box comments with anchor text and backlinks. These links are helpful in increasing traffic to your page and assist in increasing the website rankings on different search engines. Therefore, link building is an important element which affects the success of your website. Usually popular pages have different categories and the articles are submitted accordingly.

In other words, directory submission and link building services are just an online marketing strategy to popularize a website. You can compare link building to word of mouth promotion tool used in internet marketing. When a trusted and popular site talks positive about you, you surely get positive response. This is just a proven attempt to get target customers to your site – thereby not just helping you in winning consumers but also wining SEO ranking.

The link building can be applied to any portal, site or even a blog. Although for best results, you should hire a professional link building agency. They not only link your website to maximum sources but also to the most effective mediums thus bringing your more and more visitors and thereby more business and finally more money.

Various categories used by directories are Arts, Home, Regional, Sports, Computers, Health and Fitness, Kids along with almost every possible sub-category that you can think off. It is really important to submit your articles in the right category and sub-categories carefully. Almost, there is a category for every subject, so you should always choose the right category to gain the maximum exposure. Link building can be done either manually or automatic using a software. In manual directory submission, professionals send the articles physically while in case of automatic, it is a software that performs the submission tasks.

As usual, manual submission has it own advantages and benefits, and eventually less chances of errors (but of course, a bit time consuming task!). So, as a business owner, if you feel that you lack either in sufficient time to do it all or simply not capable of doing it, it is always advisable to hire experts to do it on your behalf. Moreover, some of these directories have been designed in such a way that it is almost impossible to submit articles using any software, so chances of success are higher in case of manual submission.

Though, to some people automatic submission may seem an easy and cost effective option, but nowadays search engines are becoming more intelligent, thus making automatic submission software useless. Now, all SEO, SEM and SERP experts strongly believe that submitting articles manually are much more effective and accurate. The response to manual directory submission is prompt and much more clear and efficient, as you can accurately see their authenticity and if the need be can also make all necessary changes immediately. The basic purpose of directory submission and link building can be fulfilled by professional SEO marketers that promote you at right place for you to gain the maximum exposure and benefits.

If you are interested in what you see here and simply looking forward to hire experts to handle all this at an affordable cost, contact us for no-obligation quote today!

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