“We literally cannot define menopause as a disease, but this period is a natural course of action in a woman’s life.” Read on…

Ending of the women’s ovulation and menstrual periods is called menopause. It normally starts in the age of 45 and above but this period can be different for every individual woman. In this period, body of a woman starts producing a less amount of progesterone and estrogens hormones.

This period is a very important milestone in every woman’s life. Every woman faces this period in the average age of 51. If this period starts before 40, it is often viewed as a cause of concern. In that case a woman starts looking at ways and means to stop it and sometimes symptoms associated with it make her disturbed. However, by adopting a few changes in her lifestyles and dietary patterns coupled with light exercises, most side effects and problems can be avoided. Moreover, a positive thinking and lifestyle can really be very helpful.

Some alternative remedies and therapies, which can be very helpful for menopausal women, are given here:

Homeopathy: Unlike allopathic medicines, homeopaths look at symptoms and treat them holistically. He carefully looks at them and treats them as they appear individually. As menopause is not a disease but some bodily changes which oftentimes most women aren’t used to face them, so a homeopath chooses remedies which are based on his own judgment. That’s why most of the time these remedies are called constitutional remedies, as they are decided after seeing individual’s physical, mental and emotional aspects.

Exercise: There is no doubt that light exercise and moments are very important for every menopausal woman. It is the most popular alternative therapy that is available for the women who are going through this period. It helps you control your emotions as well as the body. Experts firmly believe that 20-30 minutes exercise everyday can help boost the estrogen level in a woman so she is bound to feel better as a result. If you aren’t able to do it everyday you can choose alternate days for exercise. A light walk, yoga and pranayama on a daily basis can also be very helpful.

Color Therapy: In the recent years with the advancement of conventional medicines and science, people have started looking at various alternative treatments and methods which directly or indirectly affect our body, mind and soul. Color therapy is one of them with endless potential. We all know that different colors have different effects on our body, mind and mood. Color therapist and healers work on the patterns of different colors and their effects on subjects mentally and physically. Though, there are no standard protocols and principles about effects of colors on menopausal women but different combinations of colors, light and exposure bring some positive changes in menopausal women.

Acupressure and Acupuncture: We all know that our body has different pressure points that have something unique with them. Acupressurists and acupuncturists know these points in the human body to control different chemical levels such as estrogen to minimize menopausal symptoms. They know how to stimulate a particular body organ or nerves. For example, in acupressure by applying pressure beneath knees (approx. five inches below knees) can help overcome prolonged menopausal symptoms.

Biofeedback: In the recent years biofeedback has opened gates for many possibilities. For example, pelvic floor muscles when applied biofeedback is known to enhance bladder control in menopausal women. Similarly, other symptoms and problems can also be cured with the help of biofeedback.

Hormone therapy: Hormone therapy, as it name indicates, is a therapy that focuses on replacement of hormones in the human body. So in case of a menopausal woman, therapist replace progesterone and estrogens levels in their body to make them feel and live better by coping up with the new changes.

Though, there are tons of solutions when it comes to menopause in medical terms, but remember no medicine, no system can work in complete isolation. Depending upon your choice, requirements, and of course, budget you can find several types of alternative medicines, herbal remedies and even lifestyle changing practices but to attain full benefits you need to have a strong belief that menopause is not an end of life but a new beginning!

You must welcome this menopausal stage with open hands and broad mind with full zeal and zest.

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