Well, before jumping on to this issue, we need to see the backdrop first. We all know both are fighting for anti-corruption movement, may it be bringing back the “black money” or undisclosed money to India and declaring as National wealth or enactment of Anti-corruption law called “Jan Lokpal Bill” in India.

It is crystal clear that both aren’t fighting for themselves, as one is the real Saint by nature (Anna Hazare) who doesn’t want to enjoy any luxury or special privileges, and the other is a famous Yoga Guru i.e. Saffron clad Baba Ramdev who has billions of property in terms of different Trusts, Yogapeeths and Ayurvedic Laboratories which are capable of posing a big threat to even known pharmacies and companies. He is the one who has taken Indian Yoga to the international level with unprecedented success and popularity.

First of all, we need to see carefully what is happening around the world and how, and even why? Why people are getting courageous and rebellious. Why they are saying…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

It seems the entire world is witnessing some change or other, some political or social movement or other, some agitation or other especially in the last couple of months or an year. What are those, I think we all know that, because of easy access of different media, platforms and communication channels, such as TV, newspapers and of course the Internet. And, more and more people are getting higher education even in the foreign universities and even business schools where such acts are treated as suppression of their human rights. Some of the major ones can be, Egyptian revolution of 2011, consisting of a series of protests that led to removal of Hosni Mubarak, a civil war in Libya, Arab Spring in Dec 2010, revolt in Tunisia, civil rights revolution in Bahrain. Not only these, but if we look carefully then more such minor protests, agitations, revolts, demonstrations, outbreaks can also be seen.

I’m sure we all are witnessing a strong movement these days where people have started uniting and integrating together to raise their voices against injustice, dictatorship, suppression, autocracies along with any sort and form of suppression to common people and fighting for their fundamental and human rights. Though, all these aren’t new issues as some of them are in practice since many decades and even centuries, but were still unchallenged by common people living there. However, when it happened at one place started igniting a spark to their neighborhood and then the entire world like a “pre-planned campaign” in a very natural way. The beauty is, no one planned for them but still most of them were successful in their mission. Have you ever thought…WHY? Read on…

Why it is happening almost everywhere? What is so special about them? Who is organizing them? What are their common goals and objectives? What has happened to our modern day world that was otherwise busy in “bone grinding” tight schedules and hectic lifestyles? Youngsters were busy, first on Orkut to chat, interact and socializing and then Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin with a unique concept called Social Media Marketing (with millions and billions of followers and users). Nowadays, irrespective of your cast, creed, age, sex or even locality you can find countless fan pages and dedicated pages where people are using them to educate, raise awareness, organize different events and issues.

Being an Indian by nationality and Freelance Writer and Researcher by profession, I am also witnessing a paradigm shift in India as well. Though, even after freedom in 1947, we all are witnessing that India lacked nowhere except at political front. We got freedom from “Gore Angrej” in 1947, but now “Kale Angrej” are still ruling the country. They aren’t just ruling the country but shamelessly “rapping” it. Those who are being elected as “civil servants” are considering themselves as “kings” or tigers with strong “jaws and claws”, so they can do anything they want. A common man or “aam aadmi” is fighting to death to live his day to day life and struggling badly to earn his livelihood, and these so called “public representatives are enjoying special privileges and even getting hikes in their salaries, funds and other perks (apart from black money earned from bribes, scams and frauds that is enough to run their respective constituencies).

The most ironical part of the story is, “aam aadmi” is becoming more “aam” (just like a rotten Mango in extreme summer season) day by day helplessly. By living in deprivation and scarcity of resources (or sometimes basic necessities), such as food, cloth, home and education he is finding it really difficult to open up and speak for his basic and fundamental rights, which he is entitled to get as a citizen of India. What a pity! What a plight! And, what a shame!

The India which was known for its vast, colorful and rich culture along with hospitality, teachings and values in terms of scriptures, Vedas and Puraans has become one of the most corrupt countries and every year topping the chart.

Technology and internet savvy young Indians apart from spending their major time on different social networking websites or communication media, have been forced to think about what is going wrong with the country. Those who are like me, well educated and industry ready but have passion to do something at their own and wish to become self employed and entrepreneurs know that what this Indian government has done in the last couple of years. May it be stock market, where every time you put your hard earned money on some so called blue-chip companies and then just within a few months they are found on half the rate on which you purchased or even lower sometimes. At the end, you are left with just two choices, either quit with what has been left or again fall in the trap. Result is same…fingers burnt and money lost.

On the other hand, those who are selling their services at very low level, such as writing services, translation services or developing software or other small applications for iPad, iPhones etc. are finding it almost impossible to pay and get paid. For example, as per recent RBI (Reserve Bank of India) guidelines, now you can’t pay anybody using an Indian PayPal account. First you will have to withdraw money from it in your bank with lesser exchange rate and then paying using your credit card on higher exchange rate plus conversion fee. Resultant? What anybody will get out of it? In this way RBI or government of India would be able to identify or even stop black money or undisclosed money in foreign bank accounts. What a fun…they can’t identify millions of billions of Indian money lying in foreign banks, but can really stop common people or “aam aadmi” to earn their livelihood.

This is where the actual difference lies in the case of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. Anna, a true Gandhian, being a common man, understands the plight of a common man, walks on a common path and fights in the common way. He understands the real “jaat” (cast) of our politicians who are nothing less than a snake who always bites, no matter if you feed it milk or even honey. That’s why when he was on fast on-to death last month didn’t allow any politician to come nearby (Om Prakash Chautala and Uma Bharti etc.). But our saffron clad Baba ji fell prey to the tricks of an Indian politician and lier (errr…sorry lawyer!). Though, when we see the entire episode clearly then we can’t ignore political ambitions of our baba ji, but what happened to the “aam aadmi” again is a matter of shame and disgust. He was crushed, beaten and ridden badly again!

The entire episode reminded us pre-freedom era when General Dyer (a British Indian Army officer responsible for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919 at Amritsar). We all know what happened to Dyer and other people who supported the path of suppression and even ordered tofire brutally on unarmed civilians, including women and children (exactly the same episode happened in Ram Lila Maidan New Delhi on on June 4, 2011). Those who have a little knowledge of history also know that in 1919 firing was directed at exit gates (they were also 4 in number as in case of Ram Lila Maidan) and bullets were rained heavily to kill as many people as they could. Now in the case of Ram Lila Maidan, though bullets were of plastic, but may I ask, where is the freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Being a lawyer Kapil Sibal should understand the importance of fundamental rights of any Indian.

I really don’t know the fate of Kapil Sibal or Baba Ramdev, but I strongly support Anna Hazare and his philosophy. He is fighting for common man and just believes in educating, awakening and strengthening every citizen of India about their fundamental rights. Whereas, in case of Ramdev, he is said to declare that he will train 11, 000 people to form an army who will be taught to attack in “self-defense” between 30-40 years of age irrespective of their sex i.e men or women. Absolutely no harm in it, as we all must know how to save ourselves and attack in self defense. But when we talk about different approaches on almost the same matter, then we can safely say in one case it is fasting, hunger strike, devotion and Styagrah and in another it is building pressure, uniting people, revolt and taking action even by getting violent.

I’d love to hear from you friends. If you think any point is left or something more should be added, just feel free to comment and share. From my side…Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!!!

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2 Responses to “Baba Ramdev Vs. Anna Hazare: A Comparative Analysis On Two Approaches (Almost On The Same Matter!)”

  1. Chitrasantosh says:

    An idealistic ideal is expressed in your essay. Now, Corruption in India has become the link between politics and criminals. A few years before backhand was paid to get wrong things done but now it is paid for getting right things done on right time. The corruption has even worsen our image in international market and it is high time to root it out from its root. Anyway violence is not an answer to any issue. I really doubt on Baba Ramdev’s method of approach.

    • Thanks Chitra. I appreciate your thoughts. A strong change is needed nowadays in Indian political system…let’s hope for the best…things will surely change as enough is ENOUGH!


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