By Nitika Sawhney

I am not here to preach but to tell what I feel :)

While the dictionary says inspiration means ‘to encourage by filling with e.g. confidence, enthusiasm etc, but isn’t it important to know where does encouragement come from ?

I’ve heard people saying that we get inspired from others but I feel there is more to think and even more to realize when it’s about finding the source of Inspiration. A profound feeling within me conveys that inspiration comes with self realization and experience. This means motivation not just comes from external sources, but from within too. A lot of times feelings like happiness, anger, contentment and sadness stimulate us to do something. And in real sense, that’s where inspiration comes from.

While I say all this, I do not discard encouragement gained from others. Of course, that’s possible and has been happening too. However inner inspiration is what holds highest significance, as it gives us maximum satisfaction.
The simple rationale behind this contentment is the great feeling of being inspired by ourselves. Just try saying – ‘I am inspired by Myself!’ and I bet you’ll feel the difference…. Now think of this sentence actually turning true. With practical experience and so forth genuine realization, you should be active with goose bumps!!

These may sound like big words only till you make an effort.

Having said that, it’s now wise to know about the ways of getting inspired by ourselves.
For me, the key to self inspiration is observation and thinking. Observing happenings around us and analyzing their reasons, causes, consequences, precautions etc broadens our view towards life. We start stepping out of our comfort zones and understand situations from several other perspectives. Different outlooks move us towards logical thinking, where we do comparisons and eventually decide about the rights and wrongs!

That’s why, for me, Inspiration comes from within!

If you have a different opinion, please share…

About Author:
In line with my straight forward posts, my introduction is also simple as I aim to reach you all. As you may know by now, my name is Nitika Sawhney. Coming to education, I have completed my graduation in Mass Communication & Journalism. I then did Masters in English, with a view to have better command over language. Today I see myself contented and successful with what I have pursued so far. Some of my past stints include creative writing, scripting, reviewing and editing, and team management. Currently I am working as a Content Writer with an IT training company and simultaneously pursuing my hobby of creative works. Nevertheless, there is a long way to go!!

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    Very nice n luking fwd to see many more articles from you,

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