Article marketing necessarily means spreading our unique thoughts and messages through a targeted content. Effective article marketing strategy comes in when content is created knowing exactly what you want to achieve. Novices might randomly create articles and might see success in getting content and traffic but in terms of conversion, no good results will be [...]

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Effective article writing includes creating a buzz in the networking scene, as it is a crowded market place with lots of noise and jostling, and not to be overlooked the most vital part i.e. stiff competition! Any lag can find you being scrolled down the timeline. Attention grabbing titles, ‘Screaming headlines’ or catchy tags are [...]

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Rakesh Sharma Jack on January 22nd, 2009

By Rakesh Sharma Jack An Excellent Article Writer Knows Their Readers Last month I wrote an interesting article on “How to Become a Good Article Writer and Earn HUGE Money?”…here comes another one… When it comes to being a successful article writer the first aspect you need to take into consideration is a thorough understanding [...]

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Rakesh Sharma Jack on December 15th, 2008

By Rakesh Sharma “Jack” A few months back I visited my friend at Dehradun and then read a very beautiful quote “Temper Is A Valuable Thing…Don’t Lose It.” Believe me from that day onwards this beautiful quote was in my mind, and I wanted to give it a shape. I really don’t know who said [...]

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Rakesh Sharma Jack on December 14th, 2008

By Rakesh Sharma Jack Well, “To Be Or Not To Be” can be a general question but here we are discussing it in the context of becoming a good SEO writer (search engine optimization writer). No matter, whether you are looking for some professionals or experts to promote your dream website or just looking for [...]

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