By Rakesh Sharma Jack We all know; digestion begins in the mouth, with the physical breakdown of food into smaller pieces, as well as the chemical breakdown of starch by your saliva. When your food enters the stomach, it is further broken down into liquid by the by a grinding motion in combination with hydrochloric [...]

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By Rakesh Sharma Jack The functions of colon are to absorb salts and water not absorbed by the small intestine, and then to compact and expel the remaining waste product. In fact, total health cannot be achieved (or restored) without a systematic approach to colon care. All of the food we eat passes through the [...]

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By Rakesh Sharma Jack Out of many colon cleansing methods like colonic irrigation, alternative and conventional treatments, laxatives, enemas, Yoga and dietary changing, oxygen-based colon cleansers are the best way for colon cleansing. There are almost innumerable benefits using oxygen-based colon cleansers. First, they work with nature’s own powerful detoxifier – oxygen. Oxygen is a [...]

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