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Here you get a chance to know some of our writers who work tirelessly day and night to make AurumWriters basically “Aurum” Writers.

To make things more open and transparent we encourage our all writers to put their bios or short profiles here. That serves two purposes, one they can be “known globally” and secondly our clients and customers can have a “fair idea” about what they are hiring.

Rakesh Sharma Jack, MD, (AurumWriters.com)

I plan to write an autobiography some day ;-) but for the time being this page should give you a fair idea of who I am and what I do.

As you must know by now, my name is Rakesh Sharma Jack. By qualification I am BTech (EC&C), MBA (HR &IT) and LLB. As an HR head, I have spent many years in UK, USA, Australia and Canada as a part of my job in recruitment & placement, training & development.

As a freelancer, I personally have more than 10 years of industry experience in article writing, web content writing, ebook writing, article marketing and directory submission services.

Writing is a self-acquired skill for me as I use practically nothing that I learned in my English school class. Like a sculptor, I use my laptop as the chisel, my fingers as the tiny hammers, assignments as the raw stones, and out of all these things I can give shape to practically anything, and I take pride in this fact. Almost daily I write something either for self or for my clients, and now a bigger responsibility is on my shoulders as I am heading AurumWriters as a full time MD.

To me the entire team of AW is my family now. Though, headquartered in India but we have a close knit team of writers from native English speaking countries, so we are able to provide high-quality and well drafted content to our clients on a very competitive price structure.

Some of our writers and consultants have more than 20 years of experience in the industry & capable to take up projects of any size & complexity. Apart from full time employees, we have a strong network of industry experts on project basis confident in turning any project into a real success.

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Nitika Sawhney





Creative writing, I think is one of the best choices for those who can’t stick to one task for long, hate monotony and obviously possess an innovative bent of mind. As I clearly associate myself to all these, my decision to be a writer seems justifiable!

With having completed my graduation in Mass Communication, I hold sound knowledge of writing ethics and terminologies that help me to design readable content. My 5 years of work experience includes stints in a publication, TV channel, content outsourcing company and business process outsourcing industry.

Getting involved with AurumWriters on a full-time basis in the present has given a bigger boost to my creativity as here is I am allowed to use newness at its best. I am looking forward to a great time with AW family in the future too :)


Abhinav Kukreja

Academically I am an Engineer in Electronics and Communication from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra (2K5 batch). Currently I am working as a software engineer for FISERV, which is a leading technology provider for financial companies. As a qualified IT professional my job profile is providing technical and domain expertise to organizations dealing in financial services. I am a workaholic person and believe in perfection. I love doing adventurous persuades and driving is one of my best leisure time.

Writing has always been a fascinating field for me to express myself. As a writer, I am whole-heartedly thankful to Rakesh Sharma Jack for mentoring me and including me in his team. AurumWriters has provided me a perfect platform to expand my horizons as a professional writer.

Anindita Chakraborty “Andy”

Hi, I am Dr. Anindita Chakraborty, and I have been working for AurumWriters for the last one  year. I am a qualified medical practitioner with a degree in General Medicine. Writing has been my passion, but only next to practicing Medicine. For a long time, I was under the impression that I could pursue either one of my passions, as a profession. But with Aurumwriters, a whole new dimension opened up, especially under the mentorship of Rakesh Sharma Jack.

Unlike other service providers, he has hand-picked many excellent writers from different walks of life, such as doctors, engineers, attorneys, academicians, teachers, students and even work-at-home moms. He assigns tasks to different domain experts in their respective fields, and also trains people on specialized skills like SEO.

Personally, working with this company has been a great experience for me, as here I can be a doctor and a writer, at the same time. I have written on various topics regarding medicine, health care, and lifestyle in general. My sphere of interest being psychiatry, I have also written many articles and blogs on depressive disorders (details available upon request). Today, working with the efficient and professional team at this content development and SEO firm, has helped me in keeping up with latest trends in medicine and also in realizing my life long dream of being a creative writer.

I am thankful to everyone who supported me in this quest for excellence…

Anindita Chakraborty “Andy”

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